Street Style | Beth

Beth wears Karen Walker sunnies, Mooi clutch, everything else she is wearing is from an online store called Daisy plays dressups. She listens to Mumford and Sons, can wiggle her ears and loves to shop at vintage fairs.

Street Style | Lisa

Lisa wears Rayban sunnies, The Hive necklace (Canberra), thrifted dress, sister's shoes, Moschino bag. She listens to Patty smith, eats mango and likes to hoard vintage fabrics to sew jackets (talent!) Check out her blog.

Street Style | Imogen

Imogen wears Supre top, skirt made by her nan, and Funkis shoes. She listens to The Prodigy, likes ballet dancing and rice paper rolls. She has a habit of talking to herself :)

Street Style | Amanda

Amanda wears ex boyfriend's sisters top, Pigeon Grounds burger bag (secondhand record store in Stanmore), thrifted skirt, Oasics shoes. Amanda wants to give a shoutout to her friend's band ' Missing Children'. She likes to eat at Delicious Rolls in Enmore and likes to crotchet blankets. Fun fact: Amanda was born in a car.

Street Style | Anita

Anita wears Funkis necklace, Rayban sunnies, Gorman top, Review bag, Zara pants, Zomp shoes. She currently listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Temper Trap and Radiohead. She likes chocolate and salmon. Her boyfriend says that she tends to take a mouthful of food then realises she has something to say and so she mumbles. She works at a graphic boutique. Check out her website.